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2023 Recap & Writing Extravaganza

2023 was a whirlwind in terms of travel and ministry.

Here was the tally in terms of countries, cities, and days spent in each place.

1. England (London, Oxford, Reading) - 60 days

  • Netherlands (Amsterdam) - 4 days

  • Ireland (Dublin, Galway) - 3 days

2. Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung, Hualien) - 3 trips - 52 days

3. Japan (Tokyo, Oita) - 1 trip - 9 days

4. Korea (Seoul) - 3 days

5. USA

  • Greensboro, NC - 5 days

  • Minneapolis - 4 trips - 43 days

  • Seattle - 3 days

  • Pensacola - 3 days

  • New York City - 3 days

Total = 7 countries, 17 cities, 181 days on the road (6 months).

The previous blog entries provide pictures and write-ups of the places and things we did in these spots.

A quick summary of some outcomes = academic research completed, hundreds of leaders equipped, a couple thousand attended healing meetings (in-person and online), over 100 people received salvation, and one new church was planted.

This is the most Memie have spent traveling and ministering in one year (which we could have never done had we not handed off our church to Jon, our new Sr. Pastor). This is not to mention the prep work required prior to these trips (one-two month's worth? this is hard to calculate ) and the jet-lag recovery time from the long-range trips (add another month to recoup!).

It was a busy and fruitful year for which we were deeply grateful to God!

As we turned the corner into 2024, I deliberately set aside the first six weeks of Jan and Feb to focus on writing curriculum for Five Stones Impact (FSI), our church planting initiative.

The goal was to get core materials written and organized for our first global leaders meeting Feb. 14-15 in Minneapolis, MN where we will have approx. 25 delegates gathering from Taiwan, Japan, Canada and the US.

In total, I will present nine teaching modules totalling nearly 190 pages of materials. Additionally four online tests were created to assess learning comprehension.

We have also been working super hard to get our new website readied. I will send out a separate launch notice when it's official. We're just two weeks away!

Here is a teaser...a little screen shot from one part of the site.

After this, our travels will ramp up again, with trips to Taiwan, Japan, US, Azerbaijan, and possibly Dubai.

Please be in prayer for our global leaders retreat as mentioned above -- for supernatural impartation and wisdom from the Holy Spirit, and spiritual power and understanding for our upcoming travels and ministry.

We greatly appreciate your support. Maybe you could pray right now before you log off. Thanks!

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