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Dear Donors and Prayer Supporters

Memie and I want to thank you for your prayers and financial support. It is really key to us. Kingdom initiatives are not a "one-man" operation. It's a family endeavour requiring everyone to be involved. Think of a hockey team with only the center on the ice. Think of a football team with only the quarterback on the field. It doesn't work. So you skate with us and you play ball with us!

Also remember, if you have to choose between supporting us financially or through prayer; always choose prayer (and be committed to it). But know that all missionaries, whether they say it or not (for humility sake), are greatly encouraged by financial support. It's part of your heart being deposited with them. I can't tell you the number of times missionaries thank God for perfectly timed monies that come through.

Five Stones Impact (FSI) is moving ahead on many fronts little by little.

  • We have two new churches that want to join our church planting group.

  • We have a discipleship program that is being rolled out in Japan and the US.

  • We have a super action figure under development for kids ministry.

  • We are coordinating on invites to Africa, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

  • We are speaking at conferences.

And Memie and I recently returned from a 10-day visit to a beautiful country in central Asia (name withheld for security purposes). It was a full immersion into this all Muslim country. We prayed extensively for the country (3-4 hr each day) and did on-site intercession in over half a dozen villages, many whom we think have never received Christian prayer.

We also had the privilege of ministering to a key church planting group and heard their incredible stories of courage and perseverance under intense pressures to renounce their faith. The core team is made up of five key apostles and their network currently has 17 churches in varying sizes. Pray God's will be done with this connection made.

We are including only a few pictures of our visit, with no faces of the local leaders to maintain their security and safekeeping. May God's kingdom proceed with speed and end-time favor.

Typical street scene.

Fresh fruit and produce.

Countryside and village scenery of our prayer trips.

Traveling up into the mountains. We didn't know this country had such beautiful rugged terrain.

Memie roaming the fields. We felt like Julie Andrews was going to appear at any time singing, "The fields are alive with the sound of music!"

Red poppies were amazing.

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