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Five Stones Impact

We are excited to announce our official church planting name: Five Stones Impact (FSI). (With the help of Canada's top ad agency -, we've landed on our corporate colours, logo, font, and design as seen here). We originally launched as and our new FSI website will go live around Dec. 2023.

We are busy building the infrastructure of FSI:

- Secured non-profit 501c-3 tax-exempt status in the US.

- Appointed new board members.

- Established new apostolic team to oversee the ministry.

- Hired first admin and ops staff.

- Received generous start-up funding.

- Building out multiple ministry curriculums.

- Getting new churches started in Florida, NYC, and Tokyo.

- Establishing first e-church model in London.

- Created a key training partnership with a church in Taiwan.

- Recruiting social media evangelists.

- Forming digital & security technology team.

- and much much more!

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