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Processing & Prayer with Purpose

Wonderful weekend processing and praying with our church planters in Pensacola, FL. They've already planted their first and second house churches and are looking to add more. They are also looking to add a GAP school (life-skills classes) as a community outreach resource. The vision is exciting and requires a lot of faith and determination. Many divine appointments and young people are regularly coming to faith in Christ.

Testimony: Pastor James recently took a team to prayer walk the Univ. of West Florida campus. They met a gal and after some conversation led her to the Lord. Shortly thereafter, her boyfriend got saved. They are now attending church (all within one month). She is also a starter on the volleyball team, and the church went out to support her as they battled for first place in the conference. The team is ranked #15 in the nation (Div 2 - NCAA). Pastor James personally made brownies and muffins for the entire volleyball team to enjoy as a snack after the win. The team devoured the treats and were all invited to church by their volleyball teammate!

L to R: Cashel, Bonnie, Hannah (two of the four kid) and James. Be praying for James and Cashel Macrory and their beautiful family.

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