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I started my professional career as an immunologist, and spent seven years in

new technology development in the diagnostic and pharmaceutical fields.


I then moved to full-time pastoral and church planting ministry, where I've been

the last 30 years.  I've gotten to meet some amazing men and women of God

along the way.  After planting Five Stones Church, we are presently part of

Church of Zion helping them in their global mission.  

I have four awesome adult children living in the US and Canada.  My wife helped

make them awesome.

As a family, we love to travel and have visited many countries.

Serial entrepreneurship has been in my blood, having been involved in a twelve different starts-ups (businesses, non-profits, faith-based); but church planting is my love and call.  

I love culture and cities - food, sports, fashion, education, science, politics, business, finance, urbanism, language, music, arts, people, and more.

Thinking creatively and strategically gets me excited. 

I love worship and intercession.

I love the prophetic.  Encouraging people with God's heart is simply amazing.

I love good scholarship.

Being called into the ministry has been the privilege of my life.

(Other stuff:  LinkedIn; Church Planting; Canada's 150th Anniversary)

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